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Q: Will I have to pay anything from my pocket?

A: No fee will charged. We will supply you with all the required printed marketing banners and pamphlets. You pay nothing out of your pocket.

Q: What is the procedure?

A: Once you have acknowledged your enrollment in the Donate and Nurture program, you only need to market our landscape supply products to your groups, communities, friends and family, colleagues and co-workers. Please ask your referrals to promote our business to their networks, too. You only need to focus on promoting the bags using your code. The more bags we sell, the more money your organization receives.

Q: Is this offer legitimate?

A: Yes, it is! We promise this is a 100% legitimate offer. We want to support our local community and its members with our fundraising efforts; we feel empathetic by giving back.

Q: Will all the purchases made by my group receive $10 when they use my code?

A: Yes, they do! Once all the bags are sold, we will write your group a cheque for $10 per bag. So, if your coupon code sold 100 bags, you will get $1000. 

Q: What if my contacts receive other discount codes in their mail?

A: They can take benefit of any sale offer they receive. But your contacts must use the $5 discount code YOU provided. Else, the donation will not credited to your group. Customers are allowed to use only one $5 discount code.

Q: How soon do we get the cheque?

A: We will write a cheque to your group at the end of our regular season. You should expect to receive your donation payment in the first week of July. Note: Please inform us beforehand if the cheque has a name change.

Q: How will I know how many donations our group will receive?

A: We will send you a report on your group's donations at the end of each month.

Q: Is there a catch?

A: There is no catch – if you want to fundraise money for your group, you promote this program with your unique code & wait for the donations. The more you promote, the more beneficial it will be for you.

Q: One of my contacts has already placed an order without my code. Can they still use the discount code?

A: If someone's order hasn't been delivered, they can still use your code. They will need to contact us with their order details & have your code ready. Once we verify everything, we will update the order. Customers won't be able to use the coupon code if the order has already been delivered.

Q: How long does the program run for?

A: As most landscaping and gardening happens in Spring and fall, the program has a soft end date of October 30th. At this time, we will calculate the number of times your contacts used your code and mail you a cheque. However, it is essential to note that your code is still valid until the end of the season. If your code is used between July 1st and the back of the season, we will mail another cheque for the amount raised by the end of the year.

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