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20MM Montana Rainbow Gravel Per Yard ( Pickup Only )

Original price $349.00 - Original price $349.00
Original price
$349.00 - $349.00
Current price $349.00 20mm Rainbow Gravel in Bulk is an ultra-premium round pebble-sized rock from the heart of the Mission Mountains in Northwestern Montana.

20mm Rainbow Rock in Bulk is characterized by its rounded edges and unbelievable colour spectrum ranging from light blues and pinks to dark purples and browns.

The 20mm Rainbow Rock is mainly used in highly decorative settings such as small flower beds and water features. The smaller size of therainbow gravel works well with pathways.

20mm Rainbow Gravel's colour comes to life when wet, so any application where the rock will be wet is a terrific use.

To pickup your 20MM Rainbow Gravel in Bulk, visit our Calgary showroom at 7503 30 Street SE Monday-Friday, 7 am-3 pm.

We offer free delivery in Calgary & Airdrie for our 1 yard cubic bags of 20mm Rainbow Gravel.

*** For Pickup of Dirt and Gravel, you will require a one-ton truck or dump trailer. ***

**Please keep in mind that the size of the material can and will vary dramatically from the nominal size listed above. The unit size listed above is the nominal industry standard size and does not represent the exact size of every individual piece of product. Not all individual pieces of material will be of the same size. Please insure you are ordering the correct product once materials are delivered they cannot be picked back up**

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