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25MM Drain Rock Gravel Per Yard ( Pickup Only )

Original price $57.00 - Original price $57.00
Original price
$57.00 - $57.00
Current price $57.00 25mm drain rock gravel in bulk is an attractive porous rock designed for redirecting water flow.

This prodcut decorative application includes applying to the side of houses, under the deck or as a general landscaping element.

This rock does not compact and should not be used for that purpose.

To pickup your 25mm Drain Rock Gravel in Bulk, visit our Calgary showroom at 7503 30 Street SE Monday-Friday 7am-3pm.

*** Please keep in mind that the size of the rocks varies and the unit listed above is the max size of the rock. The rocks will be up to that size. ***

 *** For Pickup of dirt and gravel, you will require a one-ton truck or dump trailer. ***

We also offer delivery for 1 Yard Bags:

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