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3MM Washed Sand

Original price $169.00 - Original price $189.00
Original price
$169.00 - $189.00
Current price $189.00 3mm Washed sand is a quality fine sand characterized by a smaller granule size and a softer feel than the 5mm.

Other names of 3mm Washed Sand are garden sand, mortar sand or masonry sand.

Washed refers to the process of removing silt, clay, dust and other unwanted particles from the sand.

Applications include paving stones, stucco and masonry work. The 3mm play sand compacts well and fills spaces nicely. Our sand has the ability to serve decorative purposes, such as being suitable for sandboxes.


  • We offer free delivery in Calgary & Airdrie for our 1 yard cubic bags.

**Please keep in mind that the size of the material can and will vary dramatically from the nominal size listed above. The unit size listed above is the nominal industry standard size and does not represent the exact size of every individual piece of product. Not all individual pieces of material will be of the same size. Please insure you are ordering the correct product once materials are delivered they cannot be picked back up**

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Susan Banks

3MM Washed Sand 1 Yard Bag

Dietmar Waschmann

From ordering to delivery, It was a great and friendly service. 😎

Great service!

Timely delivery of sand and cedar mulch. Competitive pricing, easy to order and friendly delivery guy. Would order again!

Jose A.
Excellent service, top soil and sand.

I purchased 1 yard of top soil and 1 yard of sand. The purchase process was straight and clear. Delivery was at the promised date at the exact location I marked. High quality of soil, no rocks and very black, sand was clean and uniform. Price was reasonable within average. The bags are very strong and well sealed. Definitely a service that I would pay again. Highly recommended.

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