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Brown Mulch Per Yard ( Pickup Only )

Original price $45.00 - Original price $45.00
Original price
$45.00 - $45.00
Current price $45.00 Brown Mulch in Bulk is made from grinding and screening recycled wood that comes from ECCO Chips. The wood chips are coloured with non-toxic, all-natural vegetable or mineral dye. Since our mulch is made with non-toxic, all-natural dyes the product is safe for children and pets and you do not need to worry about contamination in the soil.

In addition, the premium Brown Mulch in Bulk provides much-needed insulation for plant roots by controlling soil temperature and moisture retention. Using Brown Mulch in your next project will not only look great but will provide maximum protection against weed growth when applied at a thickness of 3-4 inches. Stop weeding and start enjoying your yard!


  1. Limits moisture loss in the ground - Using brown mulch in Bulk can help retain the soil, thus making your yard more fertile.
  2. Helps prevent weed growth - Weeds are the unwanted guest that no one wants in their backyard. Using mulch can stop them from growing.
  3. Repels insects -Mulch can also help in repelling insects and unpleasant bugs that can harm your fruit or vegetable garden.

To pickup your Brown Mulch in Bulk, visit our Calgary showroom at 7503 30 Street SE Monday-Friday, 7 am-3 pm.

Delivery for 1 Yard Bags:

  • We offer free delivery in Calgary & Airdrie for our 1 yard cubic bags of Brown Mulch.

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