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Cedar Mulch

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Cedar mulch is an aromatic bark chip from western Canada. It has a reddish brown and hint of orange color. Due to shredding, these wood chips are more resistant to the wind.

Cedar bark acts as a natural herbicide and the antifungal properties help control weeds and pests. Being a longer lasting mulch it will not break down as quickly offering less maintenance. This mulch suits tree, shrub beds, and flower and emits a lovely scent after rain or when wet.

We recommend using around 3 inches deep to help retain soil moisture and regulate soil temperature. It's an eco-friendly choice that makes an excellent mulch for walkways, gardens, and play areas.

Advantages of using Cedar Mulch

  1. Wind resistant - Cedar chips are wind resistant because of its shredded nature.
  2. Helps prevent weed growth - Because of its antibacterial and herbal properties, it can prevent weed growth and repel pests.
  3. Low maintenance - Due to its long lasting property, this mulch does not break easily and can last for years.
  4. Cedar mulch 1 yard bag has water retention properties.

We also offer bulk delivery and bulk loose pickup of this mulch.


Q: Is cedar mulch good for vegetable gardens?

A: Yes it is absolutely safe because it is a natural mulch and does not contain any chemicals.

Q: Is cedar mulch safe for dogs?

A: Cedar mulch 1 yard bag is pet-friendly because it is finely
shredded. If your dog mistakenly inhales the fibers, they can be easily

Q: Does cedar mulch repel bugs?

A: Yes, our natural cedar mulch acts as an insect repellent. This
will keep the insects away as they detest the smell of this mulch.

Q: Will cedar mulch kill plants?

A: No, cedar bark is all natural and won't kill your plants.

Q: Where can I buy cedar mulch near me?

A: You can buy cedar bark mulch online from our website or by visiting our showroom at 7503 30st SE, Calgary AB T2C 1V4.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Chin Tiu
Cedar mulch

Good quality cedar mulch. The delivery was fast and timely. Customer service was friendly and helpful.

Great Service

Called late in the day for delivery the next day. This happened in a timely manor with a phone call when they arrived. great product and excellent service.
Thank you.

Albert Fleury


Susan Haberer
Service & Quality goods

It’s good to know once you go through the ease of ordering the cedar bark, the office stays on top and notices they can expedite delivery which I just loved.
And it’s good to know they want their bags back.
The delivery guy and office guy were so friendly.


Amazing service and quality product

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