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Fine Blend Garden Mulch Per Yard ( Pickup Only )

Original price $49.00 - Original price $49.00
Original price
$49.00 - $49.00
Current price $49.00 Fine Blend Garden Mulch in Bulk is a combination of pine and spruce white wood residuals from sawmill operations in Alberta.

Fine Blend Garden Mulch in Bulk is characterized by a size of 3/8-inch and smaller and will run through your fingers. Fine blend mulch is generally used in flower beds and similar areas where it provides a smooth neutral look and provides optimum moisture retention and weed control.

Due to the density, a 2-inch application is adequate and since it has an initial tendency to repel water it is recommended to water once applied until it is soaked. Being smaller in size, garden mulch will break down faster than larger mulches and may need to be topped up annually.


  1. Moisture retention - Using pine needle mulch helps retain moisture in the soil.
  2. Weed Control - Garden mulch, also known as mulch for a vegetable garden, can help control weeds.
  3. Enhance the beauty - Using garden mulch in flower beds or vegetable garden increases the overall neutral look.

To pickup your Fine Blend Garden Mulch in Bulk, visit our Calgary showroom at 7503 30 Street SE Monday-Friday, 7 am-3 pm.

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