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LSG Boost Ultra Premium Garden Soil

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LSG Boost Ultra Premium Garden Soil is our most premium soil blend. It consists of 50% Alberta Sphagnum Peat Moss and 50% Pure Organic Compost.

This ultra premium soil blend will improve the poorest of soil conditions and offers excellent water retention. It is great for amending any type of garden beds, including Flowers, Vegetables, Shrubs and Trees. It can also be used for top dressing your lawn.

Adding organic matter to your soil helps retain moisture and promotes microbial activity which naturally feeds your plants.

Our 1 yard of LSG Boost Ultra Premium Garden Soil covers 108 Sq feet of area when used 3 inches deep

Ultra Premium Garden Soil Delivery

Customer Reviews

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Sean Young
Fast friendly and great soil

Thanks so much. We’ve ordered from others over the years and you guys were the best!

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