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Pure Organic Compost 1/2 Yard Bag

Original price $221.00 - Original price $221.00
Original price
$221.00 - $221.00
Current price $221.00 Pure Organic Compost is an ultra-premium 100% organic and pH-balanced compost sourced from Western Canada.

The compost fertilizer comprises half chicken manure and half horse manure, aged for 2-3 years and then processed through a fine screen. Our compost manure is free of weeds.

Compost is generally used in flower beds and vegetable gardens due to its high nutrient content. Adding compost to your garden will enhance the growth of vegetables, flower beds and flower pots. A healthy garden means a better drainage system.


  • We offer free delivery in Calgary & Airdrie for our 1/2 yard cubic bags.

Customer Reviews

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Jim Vance
Excellent Product

Was looking for 1/2 bag size for topsoil and found this company. I ordered the organic topsoil and we are so pleased - very clean, no pieces of back or wood chips, no stones, and no weeds. Excellent!

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