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Premium Bark Nuggets Small Per Yard ( Pickup Only )

Original price $99.00 - Original price $99.00
Original price
$99.00 - $99.00
Current price $99.00 Premium Small Bark Nuggets in Bulk are bark chips made from tree bark. These bark nuggets are excellent for covering the ground and preventing weed growth. Due to their shredded nature, bark chippings are useful in windy locations.

In addition, wood chips are ideal for covering trees, and small shrubs, curb appeal or decorating a garden. Adding mulch nuggets in bulk enhances the aesthetic feel of that place.

Since bark mulch is made using organic plant matter, it is biodegradable. Ultimately, small bark nuggets in bulk will degrade with time, and you will have to replace it with a fresh layer.


  1. Maintain soil temperature - Premium small bark nuggets help maintain soil temperature in summer.
  2. Beautification - Adding mulch nuggets to your lawn, garden beds or beside a curb instantly beautifies the area of application.
  3. Controls weed growth - Bark chips can also help in inhibiting weed growth.

To pickup your Premium Small Bark Nuggets in Bulk, visit our Calgary showroom at 7503 30 Street SE Monday-Friday, 7 am-3 pm

Delivery for 1 Yard Bags:

  • We offer free delivery in Calgary & Airdrie for our 1 yard cubic bags of Small Bark Nuggets.

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