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20MM Drain Rock Gravel

Original price $175.00 - Original price $190.00
Original price
$175.00 - $190.00
Current price $190.00 20mm drain rock gravel is a top notch attractive porous rock for redirecting water flow.

The 20mm washed rock is not a compacting rock hence it does not offer compacting applications.

Applications of 20mm drain rock gravel

  • Decorative application of drainage rock includes applying to the side of houses and window wells.
  • Under the deck
  • Outdoor space
  • Along sidewalks
  • Dog runs
  • Backfill drainage and roofing
  • Gardens
  • General landscaping element

We also offer bulk delivery and bulk loose pickup of drain rock gravel at amazing prices.

Book your online delivery now and save huge on washed rock .

Avaiable in sizes of 1 cubic yard and 1/2 cubic yard.

**Please keep in mind that the size of the rocks varies and the unit listed above is the max size of the rock. Not all rocks will be the size listed. The rocks will be up to that size.**

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Judie Popplewell
Gravel and sand

Delivered when and where I wanted the material. Excellent service. Thanks!

Scott Davis

20MM Drain Rock Gravel 1 Yard Bag

David Stephenson

Good prices and great service. Highly recommend.

Ryan O’neill

I would highly recommend these guys if you’re looking for decorative stone.
Very informative and real nice to deal with.
Delivery was prompt and dropped exactly
where I requested..

Peter Kok
Great pricing and service

Ordered 24 hours before. Great pricing and the driver was helpful and friendly. The bags they use are solid. Will use them again.


Q. Is drainage rock the same as gravel?

A: Drainage rock is gravel that helps in drainage applications, and it is almost similar to regular gravel. The only drawback of drainage rock is that it is not compactable and hence cannot be used for compaction.

Q. Can I just use gravel for drainage?

A: Yes, you can use gravel for drainage purposes instead of "drainage rock." Gravel is a common and effective product for drainage applications.

Q. Do you need large or small gravel for drainage?

A: For drainage applications, it is generally recommended to use larger gravel sizes rather than small gravel.

Q. How thick should gravel be for drainage?

A: Usually the gravel should be 2-3 inches thick. At we sell 20mm and 40mm sized washed rock.

Q. What is the difference between crushed rock and gravel?

A: Crushed rock is a man made product made from crushing large boulders. It is sharp, angular, and irregular shapes with rough surfaces. Whereas gravel is a naturally occurring material formed by the erosion and weathering of rocks over time. Gravel is smoother, rounded, and more spherical due to the natural erosion and tumbling process.

Q. What gravel is best for drainage?

A: LandscapeSupplyGuys 40MM Drain Rock Gravel is best for drainage applications.

Q. Is river rock good for drainage?

A: No it is not good for drainage due to its shape and outer characteristics.

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