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How to Build a Water Feature Fountain

How to Build a Water Feature Fountain

Using the Aquascape's AquaBasin you are able to build a variety of beautiful garden water features easily and efficiently including the water fountain. Building a garden water feature for your backyard as opposed to a full pond feature can be a great option for those with time and financial constraints who still want to add a water element to their yard. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Prepare the Aquabasin

Place AquaBasin in the preferred area in your backyard. Take some time to move the unit around and find the optimal layout for the AquaBasin. You will want to place the AquaBasin in a way that best fits your unique backyard landscape. Keep in mind any tilt of the unit as well when setting up placement. 

Step 2: Use Marking Paint for Aquabasin

Use marking paint to outline the AquaBasin and prepare for excavation for the Water Feature Fountain.

Step 3:

Excavate the marked area to 15 inches deep. Using a flat shovel on this step will help you create flat walls that will ensure a good fit for the AquaBasin. Tamp the soil after digging to help the basin lay flat in the hole and keep it level.


Next is to place the AquaBasin in the hole you've dug and check to make sure it sits well in the ground.


Backfill the space around the AquaBasin with left over dirt.

STEP 6: Add Gravel and other Decorative Features

Decorate your AquaBasin as you chose. You can choose from stone, fountains, brass spitters, and ceramic bubblers for your water feature. Furthermore, these options will require some additional plumbing assembly but do come with detailed instructions.


Lastly, once you have installed your decorative feature you will cover the surrounding area with decorative stones. 

STEP 8: Build a Water Feature Fountain

Finally, add decorative lighting to the area so you can enjoy your water feature at night. This step is optional but will extend the amount of time you are able to enjoy and use your water feature.

In Conlusion, at we carry all the supplies required to build a outdoor fountain, garden fountain, pond fountain and garden water fountain. All gravel, rocks and decorative stones can be purchased through us as well!

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